BDBD is Psalm 13

Psalm 13 could be titled “How Long” or “Forget Me Not”. David, the author is grappling with melancholy and disturbing thoughts. Repeated stupefying speculation has become like an unrelenting railroad wheel clanging over rail cracks. Thought is fixated on his enemy’s triumph over him. Sorrow fills his being. He is entangled in his own web.

David emphatically believes the Lord is the soul’s balm and the mind’s salve, not just the thought of the Lord, but the Lord blended with his spirit. Yet, the Lord is not within. “How long will you hide your face from me?” is bound with “forget my misery and oppression” in Psalm 44:24. This time misery and oppression are self-wrought. He is on death’s brink.

Deeply looking into someone’s eyes is looking into their being. If the Lord were to look at David, they would be looking into each other’s eyes and be one in spirit. David’s dark soul would light up when united with the LORD his God.

When mind, soul, and spirit are grappling in dark holes David presents the remedy. Trust in God’s unfailing love. Rejoice in Jesus’ salvation. Sing to the LORD for he is good to me. These conscience decisions to engage in the irrational balm and salve are not comfortable. Every substance of being resists though it is so easy to do. Open up thy soul. Look into the Lord’s eyes. Or mind and soul will sink into death.