Tag: Psalm 12

BDBD is Psalm 12:7-8

Confidence in the Lord is expressed and believed. Though evil people walk around boldly because they have the upper hand, those who trust in the Lord will be strengthened by their God. We know that he protects us from such people forever. Though at present liers oppress and deceive I can have confidence in the […]

BDBD is Psalm 12:5-6

The Lord responds with a reassuring word to the cast down and to David who presented the request. The Lord God does see the oppression of the weak and he hears the groaning of the needy. After the prayer, the Lord says he will arise and protect them from those who malign them. I note […]

BDBD is Psalm 12:2-4

David’s appeal to the Lord in verses 1 and 2 has two parts. First, the faithful, those who are morally true and loyal have disappeared (1). Second, everyone is lying. Their lies are flattery, saying one thing while not believing what they say (2). The worst scenario is when they say kind words while secretly […]

BDBD is Psalm 12:1

Psalm 12 is a plead-psalm. David is seeking the Lord’s help for every tongue seems false, the weak are oppressed, and the needy groan. Looking everywhere he cannot find anyone who is godly. The Hebrew adjective “hasid” is translated as “godly” meaning a kind, virtuous, and moral person. As the Lord later said through the […]