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BDBD is SOS 8:13-14

The king and queen exchange final serenades as the curtains close and happily ever after awaits. The maiden had beckoned her lover to travel the garden that is she (7:11-12) from village to village. The quixotic couple traveled the countryside in a passion extravaganza. All felt their love and rejoiced as the pleasant couple paraded […]

BDBD is SOS 8:10-12

The maiden replied to their friend’s question about their adolescent sister. She presents herself as an example. She was a wall; quiet, reserved, and shy (10). She had low body pride. When she came of age the king noticed her beauty. Her breasts grew like tall towers (10). He viewed her as one who would […]

BDBD is SOS 8:8-9

The friends of the newly married king and queen saw the love and romance experienced by the royal couple. They were happy for them. Then they thought about their young sister (8.) She was too young to marry. Unlike the maiden, her breasts were not yet grown. If she had children she could not nurse […]

BDBD is SOS 8:6-7

Love is… Three truths about love are divulged. 1) Love is as strong as death. 2) Love’s intense devotion (jealousy) is as unyielding (overpowering) as the grave. 3) Love burns like a blazing fire. Love is the most invincible force in human existence. The maiden asked her king Lover to place her like a seal […]

BDBD is SOS 8:5

The Lover and the Beloved slowly stroll in a desert made lush by the spring rains (5). The king is adorned with a finely woven sleek cloth. The maiden is adorned with a sheer long brightly colored dress. She is leaning against her man with her head resting on his shoulder. His left arm is […]

BDBD is SOS 8:2-4

The maiden eagerly offers to give herself to her Lover, the king (2). She brings him to her house, her mother’s house. Her mother has taught her how to respect others. Her mother taught her to respect her husband. The Egyptian barrenness watched as her mother served her house and her husband. She learned how […]

BDBD is Song of Songs (SOS) 8:1

The princess relishes the time she spends with her king. Often she finds herself driven by an impulsive passion to kiss her Lover. When they are at the market, she desires to kiss him. When they are on the street, she desires to kiss him. When they are at a restaurant, she desires to kiss […]