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BDBD is SOS 5:16

The Beloved maiden finishes her praise of her Lover king with one final thought. His mouth is sweetness itself (16). Not only are his lips and teeth of perfect proportion and color; but his smile projects warmth, compassion, and deep maturity. From the king’s mouth flows wise loving truth. They are sweeter than choice fruit […]

BDBD is SOS 5:8-15

The Lover describes her Lover to the daughters of Jerusalem for they had asked, “How is your beloved better than others…” (9) The King is radiant (dazzling; sunny-bright) and ruddy (rosy; flush) (10). When he is in a very large crowd, ten thousand or more he stands out as the best; distinguished, dominant, and excellent. […]

BDBD is SOS 5:9

Passages and books of the Bible often have at least 3 layers of meaning and application. The first is the surface meaning; that is the theme apparent. The second is personal and/or social practical and constructive corporeal application. The third is a spiritual meaning. The spiritual is the revelation of truths about God the Father, […]

BDBD is SOS 5:5-8

The maiden arose to open it so her lord could enter (5). Love’s eager imagination lavishly lotioned her body. Passion’s hand dripped with myrrh. Excitement’s fingers flowed with myrrh. Myrrh on the handles of the bolt on the lock. The Beloved expecting excitement opened for her Lover. She had asked if she should put on […]

BDBD is SOS 5:2-4

The Beloved is laying in her bed alone. The Lover is laying in his bed alone. The passionate king and ardent maiden are alone in the middle of the night. She lays in bed unable to enter deep sleep for her heart is awake (2). Her heart listens between pulses. In the silence between throbbing […]