Tag: Song of Songs 4

BDBD is SOS 4:16

The Beloved commands the north wind and the south wind to blow on her garden (16). She is a garden; full of exotic plants, urbs, spices, and fruit. Her body and soul are the essence of her garden. Sweet and pleasing smells are the natural product of her garden. She desires that her aroma may […]

BDBD is SOS 4:9-15

The Lover; the king and bridegroom continues his poetic assessment and praise of his Beloved; the madonna and bride. The Beloved has stolen his heart with one glance of her eyes (9). Merely one precious enchanting element of her elegance is enough for affection’s spark to ignite. The king’s being is transposed by the jewel […]

BDBD is SOS 4:1-7

The king is a gentleman; passionate, erotic, and romantic. He sincerely and gleefully compliments his beloved woman. He affectionately addresses her as his darling (1). He leaves no room for doubt in the way he sees her beauty. The eyes are the window to the soul (Matt 6:22). The maiden’s eyes were where he started […]