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BDBD is SOS 1:9-17

The stately king and the alluring damsel exchange exodic adulation for the other. The king, the lover compares the maidan’s allure to an Egyptian mare so curvature elegant that she is given the honor to be tied to the Pharaoh’s chariot (9). All the stallions draw their steady attention to her forming prance. The Lover […]

BDBD is SOS 1:5-8

The young Beloved maiden’s thoughts shift from her lover to herself; excitement withers heated emotions. She is humble and perhaps even has low self-esteem. She draws into her unappreciated complexion. She believes that her skin has been blemished by constant over-exposure to the harsh Egyptian sun (5,6). The unpretentious Bastet’s mother’s sons forced her to […]

BDBD is SOS 1:2-4

The Song is comprised of romantic exchanges. A young maiden is identified as the “Beloved”, her heart swooning in passion. She is loved by and in love with the king who is identified as the “Lover”, his heart enthralled with the young maiden. The king loves the young maiden who has captured his soul as […]

BDBD is SOS 1:1

Song of Songs is also known as Song of Solomon and Song. The title in the Hebrew text is Solomon’s Song of Songs. I will be abbreviating it SOS. The meaning behind the title is either the song is about Solomon, written by Solomon, or both. Solomon is mentioned several times in the text. Therefore […]