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BDBD is Romans 13:1-7

Paul is clear in these verses on something that takes faith in God more than most Biblical subjects, especially these years, “The authorities that exist have been established by God. (1)”  We ask, “What? God established that person with authority over me? That parent, teacher, husband, pastor, supervisor, judge, mayor, governor, the president? They are […]

BDBD is Romans 12:9-21

Paul gives good advice at the end of this chapter. These are not new laws. Most deal with generalities. All deal with interactions with people. If I want to know what to do with others, I need to read these. I am in part encouraged, delighted, and compelled. I see places I could have done […]

BDBD is Romans 12:1-8

  God’s mercy has given me eternal life in Christ, freedom from the sinful nature, and his Spirit will always be with me. I have a new life. Jesus has given me gifts (6-8).   What to do with all the gifts God has given me in his mercy? I can use my life and gifts […]