Tag: Proverbs 9

BDBD is Proverb 9:13-18

Folly makes it sound like the crap she offers is sweet. She is lying. As the serpent lied to Eve so Folly lies to me. The way of the fool from afar seems excellent. But in a close study, it is rotten and dead meat. No combination of spices makes spoiled food neither taste good […]

BDBD is Proverb 9:13

Folly is personified as a woman calling out invitations loudly just as wisdom was personified as a woman sending out invitations via her maids. Folly calls to anyone and everyone; no one is excluded. Folly is leading an undisciplined life. An undisciplined athlete does not have victories. An undisciplined student does not get passing grades. […]

BDBD is Proverbs 9:10-13

Jesus is the Holy One (10). Knowing him is understanding. The fear of the Lord is loving reverence and submission to him. This is the beginning of wisdom. Jesus is life. Through him, my days are extended (11). Whether like James who was the first to be martyred (only a few years after Jesus’ resurrection), […]

BDBD is Proverbs 9:7-9

Instruction, teaching, correction, and rebuke are methods to help a person grow in character, knowledge, and sometimes wisdom. However, that is all dependent on the attitude of the supplier and receiver. Just because I intend to help someone doesn’t mean I am wise. I need to weigh attitudes and situations. I could be well intended, […]

BDBD is Proverbs 9:1-6

Just say yes. The simplest thing to tell someone. Sometimes the hardest to do. Self is the only thing keeping me from “Yes”. How many times do I need to say yes? Every time. Who’s fault is it when I don’t answer? Mine. Blaming others and excuses are for fools. A fool is an addict […]