Tag: Ecclesiastes 9

BDBD is Eccl. 9:17-18

Emotions can lead us to wonderful moments. Emotions can also lead to dreadful moments. Emotional words can bring light or darkness; life and death; words of healing and words of destruction. During emotionally charged arguments quiet words are spoken by the wise and shouts are spoken by fools (17). The capability to control emotions (and […]

BDBD is Eccl. 11:11

“The race is not to the swift.” Just ask Aesop’s tortuous and hare. “The battle does not belong to the strong.” USA revolutionary war against Britain, the world power at that time proves this. “Food does not come to the wise.” Just ask the sage walking down from his mountain retreat to obtain food. “Wealth […]

BDBD is Eccl. 9:1-10

Consider this: death awaits you and you do not know when it will come. Consider this: you do not know what will happen in the future; whether good or bad, whether love or hate; whether sickness or health, whether wealth or poverty. The righteous, wicked, good, bad, clean, unclean, those who are religious, and those […]