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BDBD is Acts 23:22-35

  Paul didn’t have to walk to Caesarea! He was given a horse to ride, a pure luxury in his day. A modern-day comparable would be to be flown in a private Gulfstream V jet. Paul was also protected by a detachment of two hundred soldiers, seventy horsemen, and two hundred spearmen. Then Paul was […]

BDBD is Acts 23:12-22

God is always working. His plans and purpose never fail. His will for Paul in this stage of his life was to witness to kings and in Rome was progressing very well in unexpected ways.  Paul passed the test. He trusted Jesus’s words to him.  When 40 devout Jewish men vowed not to eat nor […]

BDBD is Acts 23:1-11

Paul didn’t even bother to share the gospel with the Sanhedrin. Perhaps he realized their hypocrisy showed that they would not listen. The high priest by God’s Law was to be a direct descendant of Aaron and the oldest in the family. Ananias was not. He was appointed by Herod. Also, as Paul pointed out […]