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BDBD is Acts 21:27-40

   Paul was noticed by those who did not believe Jesus was the Messiah. False accusations were made and he was beaten. He would have been killed if the Romans didn’t get involved (31). The Romans arrested Paul falsely believing that he was a revolutionary (38). Neither Jew nor Roman investigated the reports to see […]

BDBD is Acts 21:17-26

The Jewish Jerusalem church elders decided Paul needed to publicly prove he still followed the Law and Jewish customs by going thru purification rites and paying for four others rites at the temple. This puzzles me. Why did they think this would persuade the believing Jews while not agitating the non-believing Jews? Why did Paul […]

BDBD is Acts 21:1-8

  Paul, after writing to the Roman congregations while in Corinth, made this way south-east to Jerusalem with some companions with the financial gift from the Gentiles. They stayed for a while at Philip’s house (8). He was one of the Seven (Acts 6:5). The Seven were young men chosen to wait on tables many […]