Tag: 2 Chronicles 6

BDBD is 2 Chronicles 7:1-10

The manifestation the Lord God gave Israel to show his acceptance of their dedication ceremony and the temple they built was extraordinary. Fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices (1). Also, the glory of the LORD filled the temple as it had since the start of the dedication ceremony […]

BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:40-42

Solomon asked the Lord his God to keep his eyes open and ears attentive to the prayers offered in the temple (40). Everyone including me wants God to not only hear but act on prayers, supplications, and requests. The Lord God has answered some of my prayers according to how I have asked. Yet, others […]

BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:36-39

Solomon’s prayer to the Lord God during the temple dedication ceremony continues with a section containing “The Way of Redemption and Restoration.” “The Romans Road” is a witnessing tool that uses verses from Paul’s letter to the Roman congregation as a traverse to salvation. Solomon’s “Way of Redemption and Restoration” in these three verses is […]

BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:34-35

Though war is bad in many ways, war is unavoidable and common in this world. The Lord had told Israel when they were to go to war and how they were to engage in war (34). When Israel was sent to war they were to pray toward the temple built for His Name. The Lord […]

BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:32-33

One God alone exists. He is the God of all. He is the Father of all. Though the temple was in Jerusalem all could go to the temple and call on his name (32). God would hear them (33). God dwells in heaven (33). His name is known throughout the earth (33). Jesus told his […]

BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:28-31

God deals with each person according to what they do (30). God searches each person’s heart (30). He knows my soul every moment; every breath and between breaths. Only God knows my thoughts and motives (30). The devil does not know, spouses do not know, parents and children do not know, peers, and co-workers do […]

BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:26-27

When Israel sinned by worshiping idols one of the things that caused them to come back to him was drought. God shut up the heavens when they sinned (26). They admitted their sin and stopped doing it when they were disciplined. When Israel lived according to the covenant, the right way to live, blessed them […]

BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:24-25

Israel was the Lord’s chosen people because of the faith of Abraham. He helped them grow and mature. He made a covenant with them at Mount Sinai. He was their God and they were his people. The covenant they agreed to was two-sided, each had their part to uphold. When they sinned the Lord did […]

BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:22-23

We wrong others and we show random acts of kindness. Yet we wrong neighbors more than we are kind to them. This is human fallen nature. Jesus’ parable of the good Samaritan has three men who are wronged, one who is kind, and one who is paid to help someone wronged. No one admitted they […]

BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:18-21

Solomon is in the middle of prayer during the dedication of the temple. He asks a question, not apparently to God, but to himself and others. The question is almost a realization. “Will God really dwell on the earth… in this temple I have built?” (18) Solomon was perplexed for God is too complex for […]

BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:14-17

God always keeps his promises. The Lord, God of Israel, the one and only God kept his promises to David (15). God’s promise was based on a covenant of love (14). The covenant was a two-sided covenant. God’s side of the covenant of love was that he would ensure that Israel would obtain the promised […]

BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:7-13

1 Kings 8:14-22 is another record of Solomon’s words at the dedication. Solomon finished the temple as his father David had instructed (10). Building the temple took seven years. Add to that the many years that David prepared. Building the temple was a continual drain on Solomon and all Israel. People were forced to work […]

BDBD is 2 Chronicles 6:1-6

The Lord appeared in a dark cloud when the temple that Solomon built was dedicated (5:14,16:1). A cloud also enveloped Mount Sinai when the Lord God descended to talk with Moses giving him the ten commandments. A pillar of cloud also lead the Israelites in the desert to the promised land. Solomon remembered that the […]