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BDBD is 1 Chronicles 17:16-22

David was humble. He acknowledged his humble beginnings (16). Humility is knowing and accepting myself; my sullied past, my imperfect character, my infected soul (heart and mind), and my Lord’s mercy and grace in dealing with and purifying me. David’s humble character was in spite of the fact that he knew that the Lord treated […]

BDBD is 1 Chronicles 17:11b-15

The offspring the Lord promised who would succeed David is Jesus. He is the house the Lord built. David had already built himself a fine house made of cedar (1). So the Lord’s promise to build a house for David (10b) is a different kind of house. The Lord promised to “raise up” David’s succeeding […]

BDBD is 1 Chronicles 17:7-10

After the Lord corrected and rebuked David and the prophet Nathan (4-6) he turned the tables on David. David had wanted to build a temple (1). The Lord reminded them of everything he had done for David (7). Then he told him his plans. David was the Lord’s servant, not the other way around (7). […]

BDBD is 1 Chronicles 17:1-6

Where does God dwell? David had it wrong. The Ark of the Lord was in a tent in Jerusalem that he had constructed and pitched. (1). David implied that the Lord God was thus living in a tent. Interestingly, Nathan the prophet did not correct him (2). I can imagine a group of people sitting […]