Tag: 1 Chronicles 16

BDBD is 1 Chronicles 16:37-43

The Lord God thru Moses required the Israelites to establish a place for them to approach him physically and offer sacrifice. He had the ark built and a tent to place the ark in. The Lord thru Moses also established specific people, the men of the Levite tribe to perform the sacrifices and keep up […]

BDBD is 1 Chronicles 16:23-36

David continues his psalm during the first celebration with the Ark of the Lord in Jerusalem. The glory and majesty of the Lord Jesus and his Father is declared in all the earth (23, 30, 31, 32, 33). The earth trembles before him, the heavens rejoice, the sea resound, the fields jubilate, and the trees […]

BDBD is 1 Chronicles 16:7-22

David starts his psalm with a set of commands – give thanks, call, make known, sing praise, tell, glory in, seek, rejoice, look to, remember – all concerning the Lord. I need to set aside time to do just this. Sunday worship service in physical presence with other believers, such as was done when the […]

BDBD is 1 Chronicles 16:1-6

Bringing the Ark of God to Jerusalem was not a matter of sitting it down and walking away. First, they presented burnt offerings and fellowship offerings before God. A burnt offering was for sin. It was a somber occasion. The one bringing the offering was to lay a hand upon the animal so as to […]