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BDBD is SOS 6:13-7:8

The king agrees that the maiden is his girl, saying she is the Shulammite (the feminine form of “Solomon”). He asks them what they hope to see when they look at her. Then he describes his duchess from her feet to her head. His Beloved feet are beautiful (1). Her graceful curved long legs are […]

BDBD is SOS 6:10

The friends of the king and maiden enjoy the warmth of a dancing fire thru the early morning hours into a transcendent cockcrow morning. The heavens transpose into a dynamic polychromatic sonnet. The pleasing couple has been experiencing God blending two into one all night. “Who is this that appears like the dawn?” they inquire. […]

BDBD is SOS 6:4-9

The king responds to his beautiful darling (4). He repeats his praise of her (from chapter 4). The monarch does not stop. He does not give up on her. He knows her. He understands her. She is as mysterious and magical as a caterpillar transcending into a butterfly; as splendid as the intense revealing of […]