Tag: Song of Songs 2

BDBD is SOS 2:14-17

The king is speaking thru a window’s lattice separated from the Egyptian mademoiselle by a wall (9). Twice he commands her, “Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me.” She remains hidden behind a dark wall, in the clefts of the rock, in the hiding place where shadows rule (14). Embarrassment is holding […]

BDBD is SOS 2:8-13

A new scene begins. The morning virgin sun gently changes the night sky with a warm breath of mint. The luxurious sultana is a profusion of allure as she prepares herself in her chamber for a day of enchantment with her king. A few companions are with her aflush with life. A gentle sound enters […]

BDBD is SOS 2:3-7

The young lady describes her lover. As a fruit tree is desired over other forest trees, so her king is desired over other young men (3). Such a tree is a cool refuge from the piercing hot sunlight. She rests in peace and comfort. Such a tree has sweet fruit to satisfy the body and […]

BDBD is SOS 2:1-2

The lady’s self-awareness has been turned about by her lover and friends. She accepts their encouragement. She appreciates their sincere compliments. She values that they see her like two appealing flowers; a rose and a lily. Sharon is a fertile coastal plain south of Mount Carmel, a valley leading to the Mediterranean Sea. Her lover’s […]