Tag: Psalm 17

BDBD is Psalm 17:13-15

Whenever someone does ill towards me I sometimes think, “The Lord judge between me and them,” not wanting to take revenge against them, but let the Lord Jesus vindicate me. I want the Lord to rise up, confront, and bring them down. I beseech the Lord to rescue me from the wicked. This is what […]

BDBD is Psalm 17:10-12

David is pleading to the Lord God against his foes who surround him. They have callous hearts. They have an unfeeling indifference to David’s suffering. They have ganged up against him and want to pulverize him to the ground. They are determined and eager like a hungry wolf whose gaze is fixed on the sheep. […]

BDBD is Psalm 17:6-9

David requests God because he knows the Lord will answer him. He seeks God’s ear so that He can hear his prayer. Confidence in God is a part of prayer. Do I believe God will hear my prayer? Even though God may not grant my request will I have faith in him? David asks the […]

BDBD is Psalm 17:1-6

David is praying to the LORD his God. He has a request that he calls a cry. He is sure that his request is righteous. Before he presents his request he invites God to examine his heart and way. He confides that he is not trying to deceive. David said that though the LORD would […]