Tag: Philippians 4

BDBD is Philippians 4:14-23

Love is an emotion and more. Love is expressed in actions and words. Love is a verb and a noun. God is love. Jesus loves me. Jesus taught me to love by example with his sacrificial death, and by word with loving my neighbor like the Samaritan. The Philippian congregation expressed their love for God […]

BDBD is Philippians 4:10-13

Paul says the way to be always content is a secret (12). Continuous happiness and cheerfulness no matter the life circumstances is a secret because many do not know how to maintain this state. Also, so many promises to deliver contentment come alone that never intend to deliver. We grow to accept that it is […]

BDBD is Philippians 4:4-9

The state of mind left unchecked quickly deteriorates until it is totally negative and evil for the fallen nature’s desires are constantly enticed by the world. A stable, positive, peaceful, and pleasing state of mind is a constant conscious decision until it becomes routine, primary, and rudimentary. God’s peace through Christ Jesus guards my heart […]

BDBD is Philippians 4:1-3

Paul personally addressed two women, Euodia and Syntyche to agree in the Lord and asked the rest of the congregation to do all they could to ensure that these women get along (2,3). If I were to write a letter to my friends in the Lord, who would I address? What would I say to […]