Tag: Ecclesiastes 3

BDBD is Eccl. 3:18-22

God has an eternal plan with a holy destination that we do not know about other than what is told us in the Scriptures (given by the Spirit) and told to us by the one who came from the destination, the Son of God. Yet that picture is like looking from a foggy seashore to […]

BDBD is Eccl. 3:16-17

Solomon was the king of Israel. He had complete authority. Israel had a court system. He was the supreme court of Israel. When he looked at the justices under him he saw wickedness. Where there should have been fair and righteous judgment and justice there was only wickedness (16). Solomon must have been sad and […]

BDBD is Eccl. 3:15

3:15 is similar to 1:9. God is in charge. There is so much we cannot control. I cannot stop the sun from rising and setting in the sky. I cannot stop the moon and stars in their course in the sky. I cannot stop the four seasons coming and going in their cycle. Verses 1 […]