DB is 1 Timothy 1:8-11

A strong natural impulse we humans have is to resist God’s Spirit who leads us to all things good. By resisting God’s good and pleasing ways we make decisions that become poor, destructive and lead to death. The more we resist God’s Spirit the harder our hearts become and the worse our lives become. Is there any hope for a heart that is naturally resistant to God’s Spirit? Yes.

God gave the law to a heart that has resisted God so long that it does not know how to recognize God nor his Spirit’s good ways (8,9). The law was not made for the righteous, that is those who follow the Spirit’s leading and do what is right and good (9).

The law was made to help those that kill their parents and others, adulterers, perverts, slave traders, liars, and perjurers (10). The law was made to help the unholy and those who think nothing is holy nor sacred escape from a seemingly hopeless mess of life that they have made. By accepting and following God’s written life code a hard heart can live a better life.