BDBD is 1 Corinthians 14

Paul is continuing and concluding his point about gifts of the Spirit with how the gifts are to be used when they come together as a group. Some congregations call the gathering a mass, a worship service, a joyful celebration, a Bible study, or simply a gathering.
First, he states that speaking in tongues should not be done when they are gathered as a group unless someone can interpret what they are saying. The reasons are because tongues are for self-edification and if a stranger would come in during the gathering they would think they are all drunk.
Second, only a few are to sing a hymn or song. He does not specify the style or the meaning of the lyrics. He does not include or exclude instruments. He does say it should be done in turn.
Third, he says that two or perhaps three prophets should speak and the others should weigh carefully what is said. A prophet then is called today a pastor, priest, shepherd, missionary, evangelist, and speaker. Those who speak should speak in turn, not all at once.
Fourth, Paul wrote that women should remain silent. Today this is shocking and labeled as anti-women. The reason Moses wrote this and Paul agreed was not that women are not intelligent. It’s because they were not educated in ages past. Most could not read the Bible. The speakers should be educated. I have great respect for two ladies who taught the Bible for many years at church. I spoke to one yesterday who went to the same seminary as Bily Graham. Her knowledge of the Bible and 60 years of teaching is clearly a gift of the Spirit.