BDBD is 2 Corinthians 1:15-2:13

Acts 20:1-2 also records this time.
   Reading these verses it is clear that Paul changed his plans several times on his third missionary trip. Paul’s plans developed when different ever-changing circumstances developed. Since he often changed his plans it is clear that he did not always know what God’s specific will was for him. Events forced him to make new plans.
   Paul was ministering in Ephesus for 2 years and 3 months (1:8-10, Acts 19:8-10). He had not planned on staying that long anywhere on this missionary journey.  Yet, because God had opened the door in Ephesus he changed his plans and stayed there a long time. Events in other congregations like those in Corinth caused them to asked Paul to visit them. Yet he did not.
  Finally, due to a riot in Ephesus Paul was forced to leave. He traveled north to the coastal city Troas and sailed west to Philippi.  Then he traveled on land west to Thessalonica and then to Berea. These cities are in the Macedonia province. Corinth is to the south of these cities. (See maps at
  Paul wanted to travel south to Corinth because he heard of alarming things happening in their young congregation. Yet, Paul changed his mind and delayed his plans because of issues in the Thessalonica congregation. Instead of traveling to Corinth Paul wrote them his first letter.
   Finally, Paul left the province of Macedonia and arrived in the province of Greece. He visited Athens and Corinth. Then he traveled north again to Thessalonica.  When he arrived back there he heard of more alarming things happening in Corinth. From this letter, it appears he did not know what to do. Should he return to them, or go onto Jerusalem as he had planned? (1:23-2:1) Finally, he wrote this letter.  Paul appears to be reacting more to events than preparing and planning them.
  I am happy to see even the Apostle Paul wasn’t always sure of God’s specific will for his life. Right now I am in-between going there, there, or staying here. Every morning I ask God to cleanse me with the blood, fill me with His Spirit, show me his will, and give me whatever is needed to carry it out. I say yes to God’s will and wait on the Holy Spirit to reveal his will. Sometimes events happen and choices need to be made. Other times I need to patiently wait to hear from God. Now I wait.