BDBD is Titus 3:9-11

Paul warns the same thing to Titus as he is about to warn in his last letter to Timothy. “Avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, arguments, and quarrels about the law.” (9). Why? “Because these are unprofitable and useless.” (9) I suppose there is a place for everything under the sun. Still, constructive conversations very quickly turn into quarrels and arguments thus becoming useless.

Three people find an interesting shaped rock in the ground. One says it was carved by an ancient artist and thus is invaluable. Another says it was formed by rolling under an ancient ice glacier and thus is worthless. The third says it was formed by being in the nearby fast-flowing river for many centuries. The experts debate the issue bringing up all kinds of interesting facts and statistics till angry words are exchanged and punches are thrown.

Several days later a fourth person enters the scene. He picks up the rock and says, “I believe we found the murder weapon. These three perpetrators beat each other with this bloody rock.” The moral of the story is, sometimes it is best to leave our ego in the ground.