BDBD is Titus 3:3-5

The good news (gospel) is presented simply and clearly in these verses. God saved me from my evil state of being (4,5). I did nothing to deserve this mercy. God is just that way. He is kind and loving. He wants to and does forgive sin. God is just simply so good that in spite of all that I had done he decided to forgive me. For this, I am ever grateful.

What other people think of me cannot change the grace of God to me. If what I did in the past did not keep God’s grace from me, then nothing can. If by grace God saved me, then what can be done to me and by me that will change my state? Nothing. For this, I am ever grateful.

The Holy Spirit in power created all the heavens and earth. Since he is that powerful, he has all the ability to clean the mess I made and will ever make. Nothing is impossible for God. He decides and it happens. The power that raised Jesus from the dead raised my dead sinful self into new life. For this, I am ever grateful.