BDBD is Titus 3:12-15

Paul was going to winter in Nicopolis, the capital city of the Roman providence Epirus in northwest Greece. It has beautiful views of the Ionian Sea and mountains. The weather is pleasant in the winter with highs approaching 70 F and lows in the mid-40s F. Apparently, a Christian community was in existence in the city. (See picture of ancient Analipsis church ruins and Nicopolis Greece.)

Paul urged Titus to visit him. Paul sent Zenas the lawyer and Apollos to Titus, perhaps to fill the pastor seat when Titus would be visiting Paul. There is nothing wrong with enjoying all good things for they come from God. If he provides a way to enjoy the sea and mountains I can enjoy them with him and his friends.

Analipsis Greece church ruins
Nicopolis Greece