BDBD is Titus 2:1-2

Every moment time advances awareness of unavoidable changes taking place in the body. Eventually, there are more younger body people than older body people than ourselves. Many approaches exist to aging. These verses deal with how older men believers in Jesus are to live.

Older men are to be temperate, show self-control, and are level-headed. They are as cool as a cucumber. Their emotions don’t completely take control of their disposition. Such men are dignified and respected by most.

Older men should have noticeable faith in Jesus. Faith is often expressed in love towards everyone. Faith is also expressed in endurance.

I have met several older men who are grumpy and bitter. Others have openly expressed that they want to die. I’ve wondered, “How does one not end up in later years like that?” My current conclusion is that it is best to practice the character traits in verse 2 early in life so that they are habits before others begin calling them an older man.