BDBD is Titus 1:5-9

If one is wanting Christianity to be a set of rules then these verses would be one place to find such life guidelines. Yet Paul’s purpose here is not to have boxes to check off. His purpose is to place the right people in the much-needed service of being either a congregational elder or an overseer.

Following Christ to find rest, grow in character, become a fisher of men, and have eternal life are the desires of most who accept a relationship with Jesus. Yet how many want to serve in their local congregation? How many have a desire to serve by being an elder or overseer? A person who has the desire to serve as an elder needs to ask God to help them become the person they need to be to fill such a place. The requirements to be an elder and overseer are defined in these verses. Even if not an elder all can learn from these life guidelines.

Elder guidelines are:

1) blameless – meaning living as Jesus taught

2) the husband of one wife – this includes being a male

3) believing children – true faith is only God’s decision

4) behaved and obedient children

Overseer guidelines are:

1) blameless

2) not overbearing – not bossy

3) not quick-tempered – not too emotional

4) not given to drunkenness – not alcoholic

5) not violent – controls the body

6) not pursuing dishonest gain – an honest living

All should be:

1) hospitable – love all including those not like them

2) loves what is good – love those who do good

3) self-controlled – stable in mind, heart, body

4) upright – fair and moral

5) hold firmly to the trustworthy message