BDBD is Titus 1:1-4

Paul wrote this letter around 65 A.D. to Titus, a Gentile converted to Christianity and taught by Paul as they traveled from congregation to congregation (Gal. 2:1-3). Titus was now the lead pastor of the congregation on the Mediterranean island Crete (5) and then later at Dalmatia (modern Yugoslavia).

Paul reminded himself and Titus of God’s will for him (1). God’s will for Paul is the same will for me.

I am a servant of God sent into the world to share the wonderful truth of the gospel (1). God uses and intends to use me to build up and encourage the faith of his elect. An elect is a person that God chose before the creation of the world to be his treasured possession and child throughout all eternity.

God also send me into the world to share his truth that leads to godliness (1). Godly living is in his will according to his specific purpose in my life. Jesus gives me the example of living according to God’s truth in this world.

The faith and knowledge that I share are exciting because it is resting on God’s promise of eternal life (2). Eternal life with God is nothing like life on this earth here and now. The bliss, peace, love, and acceptance are more soothing and comforting than a newborn in the loving arms of his or her mother.

God entrusts me to this mission of hope of eternal life. So I share in word, action, and the website: