BDBD is SOS 8:8-9

The friends of the newly married king and queen saw the love and romance experienced by the royal couple. They were happy for them. Then they thought about their young sister (8.) She was too young to marry. Unlike the maiden, her breasts were not yet grown. If she had children she could not nurse them.

The friends wanted their sister to be married to a handsome, capable, and mature man who loved and feared God such as the king. In their society marriage was often contracted at an early age (8.). They wanted to know what they should do to ensure she is ready.

The years of puberty always have the risk of maturing into improper and unwise decisions. Curiosity quickly leads to passion and often poor life decisions. The older brothers were determined to defend and keep the virtue of their younger sisters (9). They were also determined to do all they could to prepare her for the right young man.

“If she is a wall” meaning if she keeps her emotions in check and inside because she is shy, then they will adorn her with silver jewelry (9). “If she is a door” meaning she is outgoing and emotionally expressive and open, then they will protect her from any young man who takes personal advantage of her character.