BDBD is SOS 8:5

The Lover and the Beloved slowly stroll in a desert made lush by the spring rains (5). The king is adorned with a finely woven sleek cloth. The maiden is adorned with a sheer long brightly colored dress. She is leaning against her man with her head resting on his shoulder. His left arm is wrapped around her back as his hand rests on her hip. Their friends spot the heartthrobs and happily ask, “Who is this coming up from the desert leaning on her lover?”

The maiden was in a mental and emotional desert. Now she is experiencing new life.

The maiden answers with a pleasant confession in a soft voice to her lover. She addresses her lord reflecting on their sensual samba. “I aroused you under the apple tree (5).” She is elated that her king strongly responded to her. The place under the apple tree is known for copulation. They are starting a family there as his mother conceived him there. He has come to life.

Romantic love is a gift that naturally leads to sexual love. A man and a woman make a commitment before God that includes keeping the romance alive. A lasting pleasing relationship does not require money, riches, nor exotic vacations spots. Romantic love is loving self-sacrifice and submission.