BDBD is SOS 8:10-12

The maiden replied to their friend’s question about their adolescent sister. She presents herself as an example. She was a wall; quiet, reserved, and shy (10). She had low body pride. When she came of age the king noticed her beauty. Her breasts grew like tall towers (10). He viewed her as one who would bring great peace and contentment; one who would bring great delight (10).

King Solomon was a businessman. He owned a vineyard and hired men to take care of it (11). The king expected each tenant to produce a prophet of 1,000 shekels of silver. As the owner, he had the right to expect such a yield.

The maiden is the king’s wife. She is his possession as he is her possession. She has a vineyard. Her vineyard is her body (12). She is the tenant of her body. As a tenant, she keeps her body up in prime appearance for her owner. As the tenants of Baal Hamon give the thousand shekels, so the maiden gives the thousand from her vineyard to her master (12). Solomon gets the owner’s portion.

Each person is given the gift of a body by God. It is my responsibility to keep and give my body. Though some can bruise, abuse, harm, and enslave me against my will. The body is still mine to take care of and give. A bonding commitment to a person of the opposite sex before God includes the fact that I will keep my body the best that I am able a present to them the owner’s portion.