BDBD is SOS 6:13-7:8

The king agrees that the maiden is his girl, saying she is the Shulammite (the feminine form of “Solomon”). He asks them what they hope to see when they look at her. Then he describes his duchess from her feet to her head.

His Beloved feet are beautiful (1). Her graceful curved long legs are crafted jewels shaped by a cunning artist’s hands. Her naval is the center of tight abs forming a goblet. A garland of lilies is the only adornment on her firm rolling waist.

The baroness’ breasts are as firm as fawns; tender, delicate,, and beautiful, promising full growth (3). The countess’ neck is a strong ivory tower; in eloquent strength and complexion. Her eyes are deep hidden oasis pools reflecting serenity, gentleness, and passion (4). Her nose is straight and stately.

The contessa’s head is her crown with hair a royal tapestry; shaped only as queen. The king is held captive by its tresses. Her hair is flowing locks (5).

The maiden’s breasts are like clusters of fruit; his delights. The king will climb her as a palm tree and take hold of her fruit (8). Her nipples are like the clusters of the vine he will take hold of.

Her mouth the best wine (9). He will drink and never have his fill of her. Her kisses are sweet and tangy. He indulges in his Shulammite. He will have his fill of her delights (6).