BDBD is SOS 4:8

The king had ensured his Beloved, the young mademoiselle that she is beautiful in his eyes (1-7). He had come calling her at her antechamber the early morning prior asking to spend a wonderful spring day together. She refused to leave her sanctuary of self-pity. She did not answer her master. (chapter 3)

The couple worked through the problem individually and then as a couple. All was resolved. The love affair blossomed like a cherry tree in the spring.

Once again the master, the lover came calling his bride to spend not only a day together as before but now bonded for the rest of their lives (8). She had been distant. She had removed herself from her lord. To him, it was like she was on a high mountain. The young lady was as far as the mountains of Lebanon.

Mount Hermon separating Lebanon from Israel is called Senir (or Sanir) by the Sidonians (Phoenicians). Hermon means “devoted mountain”. Senir means “breastplate” because of its rounded snow-covered twin peaks.

The king commanded her to remove herself from the lions’ dens and the haunts of the leopards. The king called her down from her solitude. The bride was ordered to flee her haunts and enjoy life with her Lover.

An important part of healing is when stuck in a mental self-loathing thought and image of ourselves we need to see and be reminded of all the good things too. We need to accept the love of a friend and a spouse.

When a loved one shuts themselves down and retreats into a mountain of thoughts we can help them see the positive and show them out love and acceptance.