BDBD is SOS 4:1-7

The king is a gentleman; passionate, erotic, and romantic. He sincerely and gleefully compliments his beloved woman. He affectionately addresses her as his darling (1). He leaves no room for doubt in the way he sees her beauty.

The eyes are the window to the soul (Matt 6:22). The maiden’s eyes were where he started his praise. They were pure, bright, and clear as a dove.

A woman’s long hair is her glory and her crown (1 Cor. 11:15). The maiden’s hair moved and bounced around like a flock of goats on the move. Her hair flowed as it exemplified the fun and fancy life of his maiden.

Teeth are revealed when a person’s heart is happy and joyful. The duchess’ teeth showed white as sheep freshly washed as she bashfully smiled at her lover (2).

Lips are tender to soft touches. The young lady’s lips were scarlet red; a ribbon and bow on a present (3).

A strong and sure neck supports a confident head. The neck that is like a tower portrays elegance. The neck of the countess of Egypt supported a bright neckless such as a thousand shields of warriors on the tower of David (4).

The king’s acclaim of his darling started at her head and moved down. Now for the first time, he speaks of her breasts. A fawn is a young dear; soft, firm, and pleasant to the touch and eyes. His beloved’s breasts were like twine fawns that browse on a field of lilies. The chest of his love was perfect (5).

Metaphors of the lovers’ intimacy view a full night’s delight (6). The lover’s dominance and passion for his beloved is fragrance. There is confident beauty in his “I will”.

The king is a perfect example of a man when he leaves no doubt in his queen’s mind that she is the perfection of womanhood. A man is best when he see the beauty of his wife and praises her.