BDBD is SOS 1:9-17

The stately king and the alluring damsel exchange exodic adulation for the other. The king, the lover compares the maidan’s allure to an Egyptian mare so curvature elegant that she is given the honor to be tied to the Pharaoh’s chariot (9). All the stallions draw their steady attention to her forming prance.

The Lover starts his praise with her facial balanced grace; her perky cheeks, slender long neck, and dainty ears. She is the feminine charm displaying strings of jewels and earrings studded with gold and silver (10,11).

The mademoiselle reciprocates her attraction to her lover. The perfume between her breasts is like the king resting his head between her breasts (12,13). The aromatic clustered henna blossoms she compares him to excite senses of smell, taste, and sight. She equates him to the desert En Gedi oasis (14).

The Lover twice exclaims his love for his Beloved, his darling (15). She is twice the beauty. He confesses her eyes are like doves; pure brilliant and clear.

The Beloved confesses her lover is handsome and charming (16). Their bed is verdant; under and over the green fullage of the oasis.

The Lover lies with her there under the stiff sturdy cedars and firs. They make a home.