BDBD is SOS 1:2-4

The Song is comprised of romantic exchanges. A young maiden is identified as the “Beloved”, her heart swooning in passion. She is loved by and in love with the king who is identified as the “Lover”, his heart enthralled with the young maiden. The king loves the young maiden who has captured his soul as he tries but is unable to focus on stately business. The third party in the exchange is called “Friends”. Most are lifelong friends of the Beloved. Some are also lifelong friends of the Lover. They encourage the couple’s blossoming fervor.

The passion-sonnet starts out revealing the hidden thoughts of the young maiden, the Beloved as she sees the king for the first time. Her unfettered impulse is to think of him embracing her, pulling her chest into his, and kissing her on the mouth with many delights (2). She surrenders herself to his desire. His love affects her like delightful wine affects every sense; sight, smell, touch, taste, mind, and heart. She is lifted into pleasant possession. Her breath slows, her pulse strengthens, her focus singular. Love is aroused.

Her ear tickles her heart at the sound of his name (3). His name has the effect of perfume; changing the normal into an exotic fragrance. Her desire is ignited with a spark and consumes all worries and weights. She is light, engaging imagination floating to him. Everything she had heard other maidens giggle and whisper about the king is true. She realized why they too love him.

Inhibition removed, the maiden’s secret thoughts are revealed (4). If the king were to approach her to encamp her and lead her away to his personal chambers, she would hurry with him and submit to his fantasies. She silently begs him, moving her tongue and yet not mouthing her breath, “King, bring me to your chambers.”

Her maiden friends observe her not-so-hidden heart’s dreams and rejoice and delight. They lovingly praise her fascination with the king. They tell her of their excitement for her fresh love for the Lover.