BDBD is SOS 1:1

Song of Songs is also known as Song of Solomon and Song. The title in the Hebrew text is Solomon’s Song of Songs. I will be abbreviating it SOS. The meaning behind the title is either the song is about Solomon, written by Solomon, or both.

Solomon is mentioned several times in the text. Therefore most (including I) believe this long song is about Solomon’s courtship and marriage between King Solomon and his Egyptian wife, the daughter of Pharoah, king of Egypt (1 Kings 3:1-3).

The Song is considered one of the best short romances ever written. Because of this reason, some Christians are afraid to read it let alone study it. Romance and love are two aspects of God’s nature. One would be wise to not ignore it.

Many have noticed the obvious resemblances between the two main participants in the Song and Jesus and the church. Though Jesus and the apostles did not reference this book in the New Testament Jesus referred to his relationship with the church in many of his parables as that of a bridegroom and a groom. Marriage was the most common theme Jesus used to describe his second coming.

One final important note. When studying this book the best use one can obtain from it is to examine and mimic the romantic love shared between the bride and the bridegroom.