BDBD is Romans 6:1-14

  I can and do live a new life in Christ (4). It is possible to change. It is possible to stop old bad habits; thoughts and actions. It is possible to form new good habits in Christ.
   Some changes seemed daunting, ruled by the power of sin (6). Yet, the Spirit binds me to Christ and his power (5). He is the power to induce and sustain change. He has the power of life and death in me (7). Death to sin. Life to joy and peace.
   Change is lifelong. Every day the old sinful self is in me. Somedays the old self is buried deep, far from taking hold of me. Other days the old self is right there ready to take control, ready to start havoc. I can feel its power breathing on my neck. Yet, in Christ, I can count myself dead to sin and alive to God (11).
   Sin in me induces thoughts and ignites my heart. Christ in me also induces thoughts and ignites my heart. I decide. I have been given the power to say, “No. You cannot rule me today (11-12). At this moment I will not give in to that thought. I will quench the spark. I will not stay here in the rut of this thought. Sin will not be my master (14). I will not be a slave to sin (6).” I replace the bad thought with a good thought, a happy rut. I open my heart to the Spirit of Christ.