BDBD is Romans 16

The letter ends with a long list of names and greetings from the Corinthian (Cenchreae) and Roman congregations. Seemingly boring at a quick glance. Not so boring with some inspiration.
These people at one time did not know each other. Yet, in Christ, they came to know each other. They included men and women, leaders and laymen, Jew and Gentile, Roman and Greek, married and single.
Jesus brings people together. Jesus forms communities. Jesus is a congregation of diversity and divinity. Jesus is a group of individual tiles that are placed next to each other forming a colorful mosaic. We are not meant to be alone only watching a service on a screen.
Go to church early and talk to people. Ask to join a small group of people who meet on a regular basis. Go to congregational gatherings and celebrations. Invite others to your house, have a meal and a laugh. Invite acquaintances to join you at church and a meal after. Be hospitable and loving. Jesus loved and lived a public life doing these things. I can follow his example.
Yet be aware that not everyone in a congregation is in Christ. I have seen some like Paul that cause divisions and put obstacles in others’ way that are contrary to the teachings of Jesus and the apostles. Keep away from them (17-18).