BDBD is Romans 14:13-23

  The freedom in Christ’s kingdom is so grandeur and extensive. God’s kingdom is about pleasing God, living in peace, and true happiness (17). It’s not about dietary plans and laws. In fact, it has nothing to do about any law.
   I read a book by a man who thought he knew what heaven was like, though he himself never went there. In his book he describes his meeting with a Texas man while traveling and speaking about the kingdom of heaven. The Texas man asked, “Is there steaks in heaven? I love steaks, and if there is no steaks in heaven, then it isn’t heaven to me. I don’t want to go there.” The author thought about it and said, “If eating steaks is heaven for you, then you will eat them in heaven.’ (I am not directly quoting.)
  Here, Paul says that the kingdom of heaven is not about eating and drinking (17). In this life I can eat and drink whatever i want as long as i don’t hinder the life of faith of other believers (20), and as long as my conscience is not smeared by some false understanding (22-23).
   Do you not know God? Do you not experience his presence, even for a little while every once in awhile? Have you even briefly tasted God? Taste and see that the Lord is good food (John 6:48-58)! Drink from the well that takes away all thirst (John 4:13-14)! That little taste of the kingdom of God I experience in this life is barely an appetizer to what awaits the faithful.
  The two men talking about meat in heaven is missing one bright truth about the kingdom of God: it is all about God in his pure perfect experience. Taste Jesus and drink Jesus and you’ll never want to eat steak again Mr. Texas Steakman. Ingest Jesus and all you will crave is Jesus there on. Be brought to heaven and experience God satisfy your peace and true happiness, then all you will want for the rest of your life is to go back there again forever and feast forever on the goodness of God.