BDBD is Romans 12:1-8

  God’s mercy has given me eternal life in Christ, freedom from the sinful nature, and his Spirit will always be with me. I have a new life. Jesus has given me gifts (6-8).
   What to do with all the gifts God has given me in his mercy? I can use my life and gifts to help others, not just myself. Yes, this means sacrificing my time and resources that I could use for myself (1).
   The pattern of the world is to live for myself and my gratification. The world pattern is to use others for myself. The world pattern is all about my benefits, not caring if it hurts others (2). The pattern of the world is intended in the mind.
   The way to break the pattern of the world is to change my thinking. I am to learn from Jesus and think like him. I am to apply his principles to test if they are good, pleasing and percect (2).