BDBD is Romans 1:18-32

My human nature wants me to think of other people and not myself when I read these verses. In part, it is because Paul is writing about sinful wicked people, stupid people, and people whom God is angry with (18, 22). I don’t want to be known as one of those people. I am ashamed of those things. I was afraid of this truth and so I avoided it.
    And in part, it’s because the passage is using the third person pronouns “them”, “their”, and “they”. Yet, at one time in the past, I was all these things. I was a “they”. Do I do some of the things in these verses even today? Am I still a “they”?
    In the past, I rejected the obvious nature and power of God (20). I made up what I wanted to believe. I did not make an idol out of wood, metal, glass, rock, and other created inanimate materials and minerals. Instead, I made an idol in my mind. I believed what I wanted God to be like and that image was like me (23). I made lies about God and I believed my own lies. I didn’t honor God nor thank him (21). I didn’t worship the glorious and eternal God (23). I made my false perfect idea of the me-god.
   God let my mind’s lies rule me (24, 28). I did foolish things. I said foolish things. I looked at foolish things. I lead others to do foolish things. I celebrated others who did them.
   I was stupid. Now I want to glorify God and thank him for all things. I remember my state: past, present, and future. I ask him not to let me be stupid by thinking stupid, saying stupid, and doing stupid.