BDBD is Romans 11

When I read verses on partially hard and controversial subjects like these verses I first remember core Christian beliefs. A core Christian belief is one that I have found in line with multiple Bible passages, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I am still learning what it means to believe in Jesus and his teaching, never stopping.
  A core Christian belief is that God is good, pure, holy, righteous, sovereign, and love. All that God therefore does is unavoidable good, holy, righteous, and love.
  A core Christian belief is that God created everything for himself. God created mankind for himself. God created mankind in his image; good, pure, holy, and righteous with self-will and love. God created mankind with the intent to have a close personal loving relationship with us forever.
   A core Christian belief is that God does not want anyone to break away from him. However, since love is reciprocal, and therefore he created mankind with free will, I and all humans can decide to accept or reject a loving relationship with God.
  A core Christian belief is that God does not reject mankind and he does not reject his people (1). Rather, mankind rejects God because we are all under the power of sin (Romans 9:3-18).
   A core Christian belief is that God chose Abraham and established a one-sided eternal covenant with him and his descendants, Abraham’s grandson Jacob (Israel). God called Israel his people. Most Israelites exercised their self-will by rejected God. However, in love, grace, and because of his covenant with Abraham God did not reject all his people (1-5).
   A core Christian belief is that God calls (elects) and forgives sin controlled people by grace, not by their works; meaning by what they do or don’t do (6). We do not seek God correctly (7). We seek him proudly, by works. Yet he shows grace to some and calls them.
   So then what of verses 8-10? Did God give Israel a spirit of stupor? Stupor is a state of near-unconsciousness or insensibility. Yes, he did. When they refused his repeated loving advancements their hearts were furthered hardened to him. Their self-righteousness works became an ever-tightening trap that they could not get out of in hopes that they would turn to God in humility and love.