BDBD is Romans 1:1-17

   Paul wrote this letter to the congregation in Rome in 56 AD at the end of his third missionary journey (Acts 20:2-38). He was probably in Corinth or possibly in Troas when he wrote it. Jesus’s believers in Rome had put their faith in Jesus as early as Peter’s speech at Pentecost (Acts 2:5-11). Priscilla and Aquila were from Pontus and Rome (Acts 18:2).
   Paul very much wanted to go to Rome. He had never been to Rome (10-13). Yet things like Caesar’s law forbidding Jews in Rome, troubles in other congregations, and the Holy Spirit had not directed him to go there kept Paul away.
   Paul’s intent in going to Rome was the same as everywhere he went. He wanted to obey Jesus’s personal mandate to preach the good news (1, 13b). Paul intent was for the Romans to obey God and experience faith (5), to share the same blessings that God’s Spirit had given him (11) so they will grow stronger in faith, and so that they and he can encourage each other by the faith that we have (12).
   God accepts everyone who has faith (16-17). Nothing else compels God to accept us. My skin color, my heritage, my social status, my occupation, my ancestors, my gender, my age, my past, my obedience and innocence, my sin and guilt, my honor or shame, my intelligence, my age, my occupation or lack thereof, my wealth or lack thereof, my place of residence, my stature and shape, my health, my attire, my personality, nor anything else compels the Lord God Almighty from accepting and saving me. God is only impressed and looking for faith.
   Therefore, I accept and anticipate that God will test my faith in him. Everyone’s faith is tested to see if I am genuine or not. God loves me and has chosen me to be among his people (7). With his people, I am tested and refined. I am strengthened and encouraged when I stay in him. Even if I fail the test he is always with me and helps me as a good Father does.