BDBD is Psalm 45:9-17

The psalm shifts to the glorious princess on her wedding day. The bride is to forget her people and her father’s house (10). This does not mean that she has the ability to remove memories. Rather, she is to cease to care for nor have loyalty to her father. She is to become loyal to her lord’s house and kingdom (11).

The king is enthralled with his bride (11). “Desire” can replace “enthralled” here. The queen is to honor her husband and lord. “Worship” can replace “honor” here. This is analogous to Ephesians 5:33, “each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.”

Verses 13-15 chronicle the royal grand persecution of the bride-to-be. The princess is stately in her own glory. She is adorned in a gown of interwoven gold (13). The gold brilliantly glistens in the sunlight. She is in her chamber finished preparing herself for the marriage ceremony.

The queen-to-be is led to the king. The pure untouched by men companion attendants and friends follow her in stately form. Joy and gladness pervade them as they arrive at and enter the king’s palace.

The celebration continues after the ceremony. The two join physically. Sons that are sure to be born will continue the dynastic succession (16). The king promises to perpetuate his queen’s memory through all generations. His love is sealed with an eternal promise.

Psalm 45 is more than spiritual poetry penned for the wedding of Solomon and the daughter of Pharoah. Psalm 45 is a prophecy concerning the marriage of Jesus and his church (congregation). When Jesus comes again the procession will be as described in Psalm 45.