BDBD is Psalm 45:1-9

Psalm 45 is a wedding song penned for the matrimony ceremony between King Solomon and Pharoah’s daughter. The author, so filled with the Spirit’s joy was almost giddy in forming the words (1). The psalm is a synonym for the wedding between Jesus and the church.

The King embodies great splendor, majesty, and glory as a mighty and strong warrior (1-5). He rides a strong horse from battle (4). His weapon of choice is his lips “anointed with grace”. He is the embodiment of truth, humility, and righteousness (4). All nations fall at his feet as defeated warriors or worshipping followers (5).

The King’s reign is eternal (6). God has set him above his companions by anointing him with the oil of joy (7).

The King’s continuance exhales myrrh and aloes and cassia (8). Myrrh was used as an anointing oil for kings and embalming bodies. It was placed in clothes to deodorize them. Cassia is a bark related to cinnamon. Aloes are used as part of spiritual and physical cleansing practices.

The glory of the king’s wedding is honored by foreign kings’ daughters in their pleasant beauty of youthful joy and pleasing smiles. The king’s bride is on his right is the finest gold; reflecting his glory. Such is the bride, the envy of all women.