BDBD is Proverb 9:13

Folly is personified as a woman calling out invitations loudly just as wisdom was personified as a woman sending out invitations via her maids. Folly calls to anyone and everyone; no one is excluded.

Folly is leading an undisciplined life. An undisciplined athlete does not have victories. An undisciplined student does not get passing grades. An undisciplined artist does not produce satisfying and enduring work. An undisciplined worker occasionally does work, yet even then it is mediocre. An undisciplined warrior does not win battles. He may even die.

Folly is without knowledge. Folly does not know the sweet taste of personal victories. Folly does not know the pleasant touch of learning new and exciting things. Folly does not know the excitement of mastering the artist’s technique. Folly does not know that steady purposeful work creates a legacy for her succeeding generations. Folly is a religion without the cross and resurrection of Christ.

Folly is loud. Yet that does not mean that folly cannot be ignored.