BDBD is Proverb 9:13-18

Folly makes it sound like the crap she offers is sweet. She is lying. As the serpent lied to Eve so Folly lies to me. The way of the fool from afar seems excellent. But in a close study, it is rotten and dead meat. No combination of spices makes spoiled food neither taste good nor stay down. No amount of incense and perfume stops a corpse from petrifying and revolting.

Folly is the religion that seeks to destroy those that leave them. Folly is the religion that promises secret ways (17). Folly is a religion that requires fees to obtain its stolen water. Folly is the religion that keeps hidden secrets for their special elite. Folly is the religion that separates families for the good of their organization. Folly is the religion that puts down those who do not belong to them.

Little do those that hear their folly religious deceptions know that the dead are there, that their guests are in the depths of the grave (18).