BDBD is Proverbs 6:30-35

Emotions can be powerful, more so than hunger. Hunger can drive a person to steal to eat (30). Though they know it is a crime and will pay sevenfold, meaning paying back much more than what was stolen, hunger will drive a person to take someone else’s food (31).

The drive for sexual gratification is another type of hunger. Yet sexual hunger is different than the hunger for food. Sexual hunger is not driven by the body’s need to survive. Sexual hunger can be controlled. Judgment can divert sexual hunger (32). Sexual hunger for the married couple is healthy and good. It should be explored and satisfied. But sexual hunger fulfilled by someone other than a spouse destroys the two involved (32).

Jealousy aroused is more powerful than most other emotions. Jealousy arouses a man’s fury and he will show no mercy (34). Jealousy is aroused in a man when another man takes interest in his wife, even more, when another man takes his wife to bed. Jealousy is followed by revenge that is quenched by blows (33). The Father warns his child, “Adultery is followed by blows, disgrace, and shame that will never be wiped away.”