BDBD is Proverbs 6:24-29

The father warns his child about the sin of adultery. The author of Proverbs has already instructed his son about adultery in 2:16-19 and 5:3-14 and will do so again in 7:5-27. The father tells his beloved offspring to keep from an immoral woman, from the smooth tongue of the wayward wife.

Immorality is any illicit sexual activity outside of marriage. Both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament the word has a figurative meaning as well, referring to idolatry and unfaithfulness to God. Many believe that immorality concerns pre-marital sex. However, immorality has to do with adultery that first stems from thinking of another that is not a spouse in a sexual manner. Immorality is celebrated by most in today’s society.

A wayward wife is a stranger and a foreigner for the Hebrew word, “nokri” means just that, for marriage in the Bible is a covenant made between a man and a woman before God.

A prostitute reduces herself and her partner to a loaf of bread. The father is telling his child that a sexually adulterous relationship is turning him from being a human to a lifeless paycheck. A man is more than an income for his wife and children. A man is love, joy, patience, goodness, protection, wisdom, compassion, companionship, laughter, and provision. He is also faithful.